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January We're Moving! SBCUSD will be temporarily relocating its offices PDF Icon
February Take Action Against Bullying PDF Icon
March Superintendent Dr. Dale Marsden: Education Week Leaders to Learn From PDF Icon
April Indian Springs and Middle College High Schools: AVID Sites of Distinction PDF Icon
May 2018 Golden and Crystal Apple Award Winners PDF Icon
June Countdown to a Great Summer pdf
July 2018-2019 Important Dates pdf
August Celebrating Paakuma' K-8 School pdf
September Graduation Rate Increases Continue pdf
October Laura Gallardo: 2018 Teacher of the Year pdf




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January Making Hope Happen Thru Early Childhood Programs PDF Icon
February Top Five Ways SBCUSD is Making Hope Happen in our Community PDF Icon
March Five More Ways The San Bernardino City Unified
School District is Making Hope Happen in our community!
PDF Icon
April Congratulations ISHS Boys' Varsity Soccer Team PDF Icon
May California Day of the Teacher and saluting Karen Smith PDF Icon
June 2017 Golden Apple Winners PDF Icon
July 2017 Crystal Apple Winners PDF Icon
August 2017-2018 Calendar for Our Community Partners PDF Icon
September Tracy Diekmann - 2017 Teacher of the Year PDF Icon
October Five Tips to Help Your Child Maintain Good
PDF Icon
November 2016-2017 Academic Achievements PDF Icon
December We're Moving! SBCUSD will be temporarily relocating its offices PDF Icon


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January Making Hope Happen Thru Innovation Grants l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
February The District Police Explorer Program l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
March STEM (Science, Tech., Engineering, & Math) l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
April Cajon CIF Championship l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
May Golden Apple Award Winners l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
June Graduation Rate l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
July Crystal Apple Award Winners l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
August 2016-2017 School Calendar l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
September Family Engagement Centers l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
October Community Gathering for Excellence l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
November Award-Winning Schools l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
December Making Hope Happen Thru Strategic Partnerships l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png


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January Dual Immersion Program l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
February District Celebrates Black History Month l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
March 2015 State of City Address l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
April Learn by Doing: CORE Academy l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
May Historic SBCUSD Graduation Rate l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
June Class of 2015 Valedictorians l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
July 2015-16 School Calendar l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
August Preschool Program Nurturing
Lifelong Learners
September Board of Education is Making Hope Happen l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
October Congrats MCHS for making top 10 l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
November 2015 Community Gathering for Excellence l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
December Congrats AVHS for Gaston Caperton Award l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png


Month Article  PDF (click to preview)
January Del Vallejo Middle School Teacher Jennifer Cestero l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
February San Bernardino High School's Jessica Viall l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
March Norton Elementary School Teacher Carmelita Arellano l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
April Be Part of the Community Engagement Plan:
Sponsor an A.S.T.E.R.I.S.K. Student
May 2014 Golden Apple and Crystal Apple Winners l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
June SBCUSD Valedictorians Shine Bright l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
July Hillside Elementary Demonstration School
Earns Prestigious Awards
August 2014-2015 School Calendar: Making Hope Happen l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
September Making Hope Happen Award Winner l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
October Maria Alvarado: Green Grass and Graduates l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
November Hillside Elementary: National Blue Ribbon School l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
December Become a Hope Maker l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png


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January New Changes for 2013 l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
February Celebrating Excellence l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
March Congratulations Middle College Teacher
Sharon Naranjo
April Congratulations, Bonnie Oehl Dual Immersion
Teacher Martha Eaton
May Character Education Award Winner Matthew Blennau l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
June Serrano Middle School Teacher Eugene Reinor
Inspires Students
July Congratulations, Graduates! l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
August Muscoy Elementary Teacher is a Golden Apple Winner l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
September Quality Teaching in the SBCUSD: Cassandra Morris l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
October Our Mission and Vision l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
November Diane Bonjour - County Teacher of the Year l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
December 2012-13 Schools of Achievement Award Winners l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png


Month Article PDF (click to preview)
January (Not Available) l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
February (Not Available) l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
March Students Celebrate Read Across America l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
April Celebrating Public Schools l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
May 2012 Valedictorians l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
June District Bids Farewell to Retirees l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
July Where Students are Learning, Achieving
& Succeeding!
August Congratulations, Summer Graduates l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
September Arroyo Valley High School Graduates, Measure N l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
October (Not Available) l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
November API Scores Increase Again l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
December Outstanding Students and Future Scientists l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png


Month Article  PDF (click to preview)
January Silver Schools of Achievement l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
February API Scores Increase l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
March Academic Gains Propel District l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
April Celebrating Students l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
May Salute to All District Employees l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
June (Not Available) l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
July (Not Available) l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
August Congratulations Class of 2011 for earning
$6.8 Million in College Scholarships
September SBCUSD Breaks Ground on Norton Elementary l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
October Building a Better Community l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
November School Meet and Exceed the API Target of 800 l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png
December Gold Schools of Achievement l71356-adobe-pdf-reference-logo-87766.png

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