Student Attendance Procedures

  • School Site Administrators will ensure that every classroom teacher takes and keeps accurate attendance records.
  • Principals will establish a School Attendance Review Team (SART) that is multidisciplinary. The SART's membership will consist of representatives from the following disciplines:
    • Administration
    • Counseling (academic/psychological)
    • Health Services
    • Teaching
    • Special Education when appropriate
  • School attendance personnel will classify students as truants when they have missed at least three school days or period absences without having a valid excuse within the school year.
  • School attendance personnel will refer all truants to the attendance verifier to inform the parents or guardians and the student of the truancy problem (first truancy letter).
  • Attendance verifiers will immediately establish a daily attendance sign-in program and, thus, monitor student compliance.
  • The student's counselor will be notified and a Student Intervention Plan will be established.
  • Students who continue to miss school at least five more days or period absences.
  • To encourage attendance, school police will make up to three courtesy calls to the parents and the truant.
  • The SART must make every effort to meet with the truant and parent(s) to address the reasons why the problem is occurring. Attendance verifiers and school police will assist parents in attending the SART meeting.
  • The SART will establish a Student Intervention Plan with the parent and the truant to help them comply with compulsory attendance. This Student Intervention Plan may include, but is not limited to, academic support, health services, counseling support, special education, and case management.
  • The SART will periodically assess the attendance progress of all students and refer non-compliant students to the Youth Services Department. Kindergarten through eighth grade students will be referred to Youth Services via a Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) referral. A representative from SART must present the case to the SARB. High school students will be referred to the Director of Youth Services via the 994 procedure.
  • The SARB or the Director of Youth Services will provide a Student-Parent-School Attendance Agreement to parents of the truant students to inform them of their obligation to ensure that their student comes to school on time, every day.
  • The SARB will review due process documenting including academic, health, counseling referrals, and interventions with the parent or guardian and the student. Parents who will fail to comply with compulsory attendance laws will be cited.
  • In cases where the problems with truancy appear intractable, students will be referred to the District's School Linked Services Case Management Program or to an Alternative Education Program.
  • Youth Services will provide school attendance updates of referred students each month to the SARB and the referring schools for information and follow up.

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