Attendance Policy

The mission of the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) is to provide every student with a quality of education that will equip students for entry into the world of work or for post-secondary education.

To accomplish this mission, students must attend school daily and fully participate in the District's educational program. Therefore, the District will support and enforce the following California Education compulsory education laws.

California Education Code 48260
California Education Code 48260 requires that all children between the ages of five and 18 attend school. This code also classifies a student as truant if the student is absent from school three full days, or tardy by more than 30 minutes, and is without a valid excuse during the school year.

California Education Code 48260.5
California Education Code 48260.5 states that once the student meets the truant criteria, the school district must notify the parent, by first class mail or some other reasonable means of the following:
  • The pupil is truant
  • The parent or guardian is obligated to compel the attendance of the pupil at school
  • Parents or guardians who fail to meet this obligation may be guilty of an infraction and subject to prosecution
  • Alternative education programs are available in the District
  • The parent or guardian has the right to meet with appropriate school personnel to discuss solutions to the pupil's truancy
  • The pupil may be subject to prosecution under Section 48264
  • The pupil may be subject to suspension, restriction, or delay of pupil's driving privilege pursuant to Section 13202.7 of the Vehicle Code
  • It is recommended that the parent or guardian accompany the pupil to school and attend classes for one day
California Education Code 48293(a)
California Education Code 48293(a) states that any parent or guardian having control or charge of any student who fails to comply with compulsory attendance, unless excused or exempted, is guilty of an infraction and shall be punished as follows:
  • Upon a first conviction, by a fine of not more than $100
  • Upon a second conviction, by a fine of not more than $250
  • Upon a third or subsequent conviction, if the person has willfully refused to comply with the section, by a fine of not more than $500

In lieu of imposing the fines prescribed above, the court may order the person to be placed in a parent education and counseling program.

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