Restorative Justice

1Through Dr. Marsden's powerful vision and Dr. Monarrez's unique leadership, I am happy to introduce the new Youth Services Restorative Justice Team.

Restorative Justice Goal: To repair campus conflict with the participation of victims, offenders, and the community.

Restorative Justice Principles:

1. Crime causes harm and justice should focus on repairing that harm.

2. The people most affected by the crime should be able to participate in its resolution.

3. The responsibility of the department/administration is to maintain order and of the community is to build peace.

Before restorative justice approaches can be implemented in a school, it is imperative that a school culture is cultivated that will support them. A restorative school culture is one that is infused with restorative principles. The characteristic of a restorative school culture is one that: nurtures a sense of belonging in a learning community, develops socio -emotional understanding and skills, and promotes healthy relationships. Moreover, it improves a school’s capacity to address and effectively manage conflict and other challenges without contributing to the problem. The following activities illustrate what school-wide restorative activities may look like:

1. Relational Practices: working to understand how individuals in a school  community relate to each other.

2. Circles: deliberately creating spaces to facilitate student and teacher connectivity.

3. Routines: creating classroom values and teaching students restorative justice philosophy, principles and practices.

Restorative justice principles and values might include:
1. Respect for everyone involved (including the offender)

2. Inclusion of all individuals impacted by conflict

3. Group decision-making (inclusive of students) that aims to set things right and prevent future harm

4. A focus on the side effects of conflict and set-ting things right for all

5. Creating spaces for dialogue that embraces the above values

The Restorative Justice Team at Youth Services publishes the Restorative Justice Praxis Newsletter seasonally. The motivation for this newsletter stems from our District’s Basics for Excellence campaign. Partnerships with students, parents, and the community are vital to student achievement.

Restorative Justice Team:
Dr. Henry Yzaguirre: Hearing Panel Member (Restorative Justice Academic Strategist)

The Team looks forward to working with you and your staff as we actualize this portion of the District’s Strategic Plan.

Additionally, Dr. Winslade, Cal State San Bernardino, Associate Dean of Educational Counseling and Psychology is working in partnership with the Team.

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