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Student Search Policy
The Governing Board desires students at school to be free from the fear and danger presented by firearms and other weapons. The Board therefore prohibits students from possessing weapons, replicas of weapons, or dangerous instruments of any kind in school buildings, on school grounds or buses, or at any school-related or school- sponsored activity away from school. 

District employees must immediately report any student in possession of any weapon, dangerous instrument, or replica to school administration or police.

Any school employee has the authority to seize any weapon, dangerous instrument, or replica until custody is assumed by District Police or other law enforcement agency. 

School officials may search individual students, their property and District property under their control, when there is a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover evidence that the student is violating the law, Board Policy, administrative regulation, or other rules of the District or the school. 

Employees shall not conduct strip searches or body cavity searches of any student. (EC 49050). 

Searches of individual students shall be conducted in the presence of at least two District employees. 

The Board finds that the growing menace of weapons in the schools threatens the District’s ability to provide a safe and orderly learning environment to which students, staff, and visiting public are entitled. The Board also believes that metal detector searches offer a reasonable means to keep weapons out of the schools, and to mitigate the fears of students, staff, and parents. The Superintendent, or designee, may initiate random metal detector searches. The Superintendent, or designee, shall establish procedures which ensure that metal detector searches are conducted in a consistent manner that minimizes or eliminates arbitrary and capricious enforcement by school officials. 

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