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Student Conduct, School Policies, and Discipl
Cajon High School maintains, and applies consistently, a single standard of student behavior. The purpose of the student behavior policy is to maintain an educational environment conducive to learning and to protect the safety of pupils and others.

Investigations shall be full, fair, and equal. All corrective measures taken are directed toward changing
undesirable behavior and are expected to provide guidance to students. 

The students’ rights of due process will be respected, and each student shall know explicitly the charges brought against him/her. Students will be heard in their own defense, and in the event that the infraction by the student results in suspension, expulsion, or involuntary transfer, the student and parent will be informed of their right to due process.

Students, together with their parents, should be knowledgeable of the causes for suspension and expulsion so that they may be avoided. The rules regarding suspension and expulsion are applicable on the school grounds, at any school-sponsored activity, or at any time when the student is under the authority of school personnel.

Appropriate police agencies shall be informed of any major violations of California State Law on the school campus or at any activity related to school attendance.  Reportable infractions include, but are not limited to: cases of extortion or attempted extortion, thefts, fighting, assaults where victims require medical attention, arson, destruction of public or private property of more than $10.00 in value, or any act for which the maximum punishment is described as a felony in the California Penal Code.  Complete copies of the Student Behavior Policy of the San Bernardino City Unified School District are available from the school or from the Superintendent’s Office. We urge you to contact the principal or a vice principal if you have questions concerning the District’s Behavior Policy.

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