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Mrs. Sayegh
Mrs. Sayegh's English Language Arts class 2011-2012
Mrs. Lisa Sayegh
7th grade English Language Arts teacher

4301 Little Mountain Drive
San Bernardino, CA  92407

(909) 880-6666

Conference days and times:
Tuesday - Friday
10:20 am -11:00 am
Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year!  I am pleased to have a site where students and parents can access my class information!  English Language Arts is a course comprised of: reading and responding to grade level fiction and non-fiction, multi-genre writing, and listening and speaking skills to communicate ideas and ask probing questions.

Home work initially consists of reading for at least 30 minutes a night to ensure AR (Accelerated Reader) point goals are met each quarter.  Starting in September a monthly book review will be required in ELA Universal Access. Students will have a copy of the format of the book review.

Planners and binders have been provided for each student.  Planners are used to help students with organization and time management, and they are a great source for parents to check for homework.

Our school wide AVID strategy we will be using every day in class to prepare students for college and the work force is:  W.I.C.O.R.
W. = writing
I. = inquiry
C. = collaboration
O. = organization
R. = reading critically

Quarter 1 standards
: Elements of Plot and Literary Analysis:
Elements of Plot
RDG 3.2    Identifying Events that Advance the Plot and Determining How They Impact Past and Future Actions
RDG 3.3     Analyzing Characterization Through the Thoughts, Words, Speech, Actions and Descriptions of Characters
RDG 3.4     Identifying and Analyzing Recurring Themes Across Works
RDG 3.5     Contrasting Points of View in Narrative Text in Order to Explain How They Affect the Overall Theme of the Work
RDG 3.6     Analyzing a Range of Responses to a Literary Work

Literary Elements

RDG 1.1     Identifying Idioms, Analogies, Metaphors and Similes in Prose and Poetry
RDG 3.1     Articulating the Expressed Purposes and Characteristics of Different Forms of Prose

WAP 2.1     Writing Fictional or Autobiographical Narratives

Quarter 2 standards
Analysis of Informational and Expository Text
Informational text Evaluation
RDG.  1.2 Using knowledge of roots and affixes
RDG. 2.1 Structures and purposes of informational texts
RDG. 2.5 Following technical directions

Expository text evaluation:
RDG. Analyzing cause and effect text
RDG. Assessing author's evidence to support claims

WAP. 2.5 Writing summaries of reading materials

Important Links
Study Island  Use this to practice Language Arts standards

Accelerated Reader Use this to check progress toward reading goals

AR Book Finder
  Use this to check the Book Level and Point Value of books you're reading

Skills Tutor  Use this to reinforce standards mastery

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