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Above and Beyond Awards
Psychological Services present the annual Above & Beyond Awards, given to honor district employees who encourage excellence and a positive work attitude and environment from a mental health perspective.  The following people were nominated by their peers and chosen by a committee within Psychological Services to receive this award in their respective categories.

 2007-2008 School Year
Jack Oakes, Administrator of the Year (Alessandro)

Lilliana Ulmer, Parent Liaison Best Practices Merit Award

Charles Harris, Instructional Assistant, Classified Employee (Hunt)

Christine Tibbits, Special Educator of the Year (Anderson)

Lincoln Elementary School, Outstanding School

Mary Ann Vincent, Program Facilitator Certificated Employee (Salinas)


2006-2007 School Year
Marvin Mathis, Certificated Employee (Salinas);

Lorena Hernandez, Classified Employee (Anderson);

Christopher Wilson, Elementary Educator (Fairfax);

Pam Tetlock, Secondary Educator (Richardson);

Becky Spencer, Elementary Special Educator (Anderson);

Lois Cook, Secondary Special Educator (San Andreas High);

A Child’s Garden, Best Practices Merit Award (North Verdemont).

2005-2006 School Year
Leila Kirkconnell,  Special Educator of the Year (San Bernardino High School)

Brad McDuffee,  Administrator of the Year (Highland Pacific)

Jan Donohue, Educator of the Year/Mainstream, (Urbita)

Margaret Spencer, Advisor, Innovative Program LADIES (Learning and Developing Intellectually Emotionally Socially), (Arroyo Valley)

Christopher Tickell, Principal, Outstanding School (Thompson Elementary)

Jennifer Brown,  Registrar, Classified Employee of the Year, (Cesar Chavez Middle School)

Roger Light,  Auto Shop Teacher, Certificated Employee of the Year (Pacific High School)

Tim Brinkley, SELPA Microcomputer Specialist, Best Practices Merit Award (Technological Support),

2004-2005 School Year
Sharon Swan, Principal, Administrator of the Year (Lincoln)

Jennifer Martin, Teacher of the Year, Regular Education (Cole)

Cliff Thomson, Teacher of the Year/ Special Education (Highland Pacific Elementary)

Slim Program,  Model Team/Arrowview & Anderson Plaza/Anderson, Innovative Program (Fairfax)

Beverly Robinson, Clerk II, Classified Employee of the Year (King Middle School)

2003-2004 School Year
Beth Kindt, Teacher of the Year/Special Education (Shandin Hills)

Heather Dana & Craig Goldsberry,
Innovative Program Award/Best Buddies Program (Cajon High School)

Santosh Trikha, Best Practices Merit Award/Model Programs (Newmark)

Janie Morales, Best Practices Merit Award/Model Programs (Wilson Elementary)

Julie Swan, Best Practices Merit Award/Model Programs (Serrano Middle School)

Carla Cruise, Crisis Response Team, Best Practices Merit Award

2002-2003 School Year
Vicky Reed,  Best Practices Merit Award, Family Support Team (Newmark Elementary)

Vicky Rogers Teacher of the Year Award/Special Education (Alternative Learning Center)

Linda John,  Administrator of the Year Award  (Parkside Elementary)

Marilyn Sweitzer,  Employee of the Year Award (Health Services)

2001-2002 School Year
Marcus Funchess,  Teacher of the Year, (Vermont Elementary)
Patricia Boyd, Teacher of the Year/
Special Education (Bonnie Oehl Elementary)
Michael Appis,  Vice Principal of the Year  (Shandin Hills Middle School)

Dr. Sue Brown,  Administrator of the Year  (Newmark Elementary School) 

Gloria Smith, LVN, 
Best Practices Award  Employee of the Year  Social Skills Curriculum (Health Services)
Three schools are being honored for teaching this program

  • Deenaz Coachbuilder - Anderson Elementary        
  • Maria Baglien - Pacific High School
  • Don Simpson -  Cajon High School  


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