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San Bernardino City Unified School District
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About Us
Thompson Elementary's Mission
It is the mission of Thompson Elementary School to provide a learning experience to our students that affect a positive outcome upon the society of tomorrow.  Moreover, it is our expressed objective to establish a solid foundation of knowledge that will support whatever endeavors they may choose in the future.  We will initiate and direct a learning process that is liquid and flows to meet the diverse needs of all allowing them to reach the summit of their true potentials.  Accordingly, it is essential that our students:

o Acutely appreciate the on going process of learning
o Comprehend of the relationship between education and their future success
o Actuate the dynamics of critical thought to analyze and evaluate all facets of life
o Respect dissimilarities among people and embrace cultural diversity
o Lead by example and strive to make the world of tomorrow a better one

School Rules
1.  Students will show respect for others, use good manners, play fair, and use acceptable language.

2.  Students will follow directions of all school personnel.

3.  Students will keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves.

4.  Students will use school property properly.

5.  Students will stay in assigned grade level areas and only use assigned grade level restroom.

6.  Students will follow classroom rules that have been established by the teachers to be consistent with school rules.

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