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Spring Schedule 1962
To the right is a slide show of the various class schedule covers used in the 1960's. These were created when you still have to draw the artwork by hand.  This was a time before computers.

Enrollment at the Adult School reached 2,367 in the 1960's
and the Adult School offered 14 Apprentice Training Programs
at that time.  A parenting class on "How To Live With Teenagers" was offered, thus introducing the Parenting Program

Newspaper clipping from a 1960 Adult School Graduation


Adult Graduates Congratulated-- Superintendent of City Schools F. Eugene Mueller congratulates Adult Evening High School student speaker Linda Harmon as Lyn Parsons, another speaker awaits her turn.

Mother reading to her two children



"HELP" WITH HOMEWORK-- Motherhood and school work went hand in hand for Mrs. Linda Harmon, 20 who received her diploma after four years of classes at San Bernardino Adult Evening High School.  She was valedictorian of her class.  Daughters Debbie, 3 and Cynthia, 10 months, "help" with homework. 



Photo of the 1960 symphony from San Bernardino Adult School

The highest horizons are those of the mind. It is fitting that Socrates, whom the oracle at Delphi called the wisest of men, should speak to us across some twenty-four centuries, admonishing us to seek self-knowledge.  He said that life without inquiry is not worth living.  In San Bernardino, California, no less than in the ancient city-state of Athens, life without enquiry, self-development, the rising to the highest level of achievement of which each of us is capable, is not living.

Public school adult education offers you choices today in self-development that would have amazed not only Socrates, but even the more recent of the thinkers quoted on the cover: to one person basic education is the horizon; to another, our symphony orchestra.  For each one of us there is a higher horizon.  If you find yours in this announcement call us and ask for it.  

 Edward Hurlbut, Director of Adult Education

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